Photoporcelain – Photoceramics

Our main activity is production of traditional porcelain photographs by means of ceramic technology. Already since 1991 we are specialized in photoceramics. Wishing to manufacture ceramic photographs for a tombstone or a memorial? If so, contact us. Our photoceramics however, is suitable not only for tombs; in our assortment there is also photoceramics for bathrooms – wall tilling photos, photoceramics for kitchens - wall tilling photos, photoceramics for entrance halls of prestige spaces and other applications.


Production of photoceramics

The photoceramics manufactured by us is always individual. All our photoceramics products respect individual wishes of the customer. Our photoceramics has been produced in various shapes and can be manufactured in sundry sizes. Our photoceramics is manufactured in various colour variants; in our offer there is brown and white, black and white and colour photoceramics. The prices of the photoceramics made by us are reasonable. For our photoceramics we render a 30 year warranty of image stability and colour fastness, durability of our photoceramics is naturally longer.

Photoceramics – photographs on porcelain

Photoceramics can be made of any photographs and originals. Photoceramics has the better quality the better original is delivered. The photoceramics manufactured by us can have a size of up to A3 format or even larger; then, more photoceramics pieces are put together as mosaic. The greatest demand has been for tombstone photoceramics, namely the photoceramics types of oval, Bohemia, circle, rectangle, parchment and book. We create quality photoceramics thanks to the connection of traditional handicraft skill and our research.

Photoceramic wall tilling

Photographs on porcelain or photoceramics are most frequently placed on tombs but photoceramics is suitable not only as a tombstone ceramic photo – photoceramics (porcelain photos) can be also utilized in other areas. Actually, photoceramics is not only ceramic photographs on porcelain but also photoceramic wall tiling for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms.

Photoceramic wall tiling for bathrooms

Photoceramics is suitable e.g. for wall tilling in bathrooms. Photoceramics can be made on wall tiles (the lighter coloured the better) used for tiling in the bathroom; photoceramics can be made on any other tiling. Photoceramics can be an excellent untraditional decoration intensifying the impression of your bathroom. Photoceramics can hold e.g. holiday photos, photos of your playing children and the like.

Photoceramic wall tiling for kitchens

Photoceramics is suitable for kitchens too. Kitchen photoceramic wall tiling we can make of any photographs and originals delivered by you. Our photoceramics is of high quality in case you deliver us quality photographs. If needed, we will correct your originals graphically. Photoceramics can be easily maintained, removal of possible contamination is easy. The lifetime of photoceramics is long, we guarantee colour fastness.

Photoceramic wall tiling for entrance halls and similar

Photoceramics can also decorate entrance halls, conference halls, vestibules and other spaces. Photoceramics is suitable for private use (e.g. photoceramics for bathrooms, photoceramics for kitchens, photoceramics for entrance halls) as well as business spaces (e.g. photoceramics for hotel spaces, photoceramics for head offices of firms, photoceramics for office buildings and the like). Possibilities of photoceramics utilization are wide.